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Help with inflammation

Time and again, CBD has been found to have numerous health benefits. One of the primary uses is combating inflammation. Many use it in the form of hemp oil for inflammation. Multiple studies have been conducted on CBD as an anti-inflammatory, and several athletes swear by it.

Why use CBD oil for inflammation?

When it comes to relieving discomfort, using CBD cream for pain is most likely not on the top of your list of products to try. Think about that for a second. Our society has been branded by big pharma companies, television advertisements, and, in general, each other to reach for a pharmaceutical solution to our pain problem rather than an organic one.

Forget about the fact that Tylenol (it’s harmless isn’t it?) kills 150 people per year, not to mention what painkillers do to your kidneys and other organs in your body. The fact is, we have lost the desire to put a little more effort into our health and wellness when there seems to be an easier way…even though the easier way is killing us and destroying our health. Let’s talk about options. Using CBD cream for pain is not a new idea, but still not even close to being mainstream. This is why we want to share some beneficial studies which support this product.

Study Regarding Inflammation

At some point, if you live life vigorously (or not), old “Arthur” comes to visit your joints. Being a musician, I have fought with arthritis visiting me for the past 15 years in my hands. If you suffer from this affliction, you already know the aggravation that comes with getting up, going down stairs, getting out of the bed, etc. Your joints creak like a rusty hinge and it can be very painful at times.

The NCBI performed a study on rats to test the overall relief of arthritis pain with transdermal cannabidiol, or topical CBD cream. Their study showed that since the topical application of this product bypassed the gastrointestinal system, constant plasma levels were administered and the cannabidiol “attenuated inflammation and pain without side effects”. Their data concluded that topical CBD cream for pain has therapeutic results for arthritic pain-related behaviors.

Nearly 21 million Americans live with painful osteoarthritis and 2.1 million Americans suffer with rheumatoid arthritis. Furthermore, the astounding statistic is that half of those people are under the age of 65, and 60% of those people are women.

Arthritis is a plague that swarms our country and it is completely possible that you are one of those people. Your joints ache with the weather and easy tasks become difficult burdens. Before you reach for the big pharma bottle, remember what topical CBD can do for you.